Why is it important to incorporate Tax Settlement into your business now?

Tax settlement has quickly ramped up to become one of the biggest untapped market in any industry.

Many Americans suffer from tax debt, heavy interest rates, severe late penalties, wage garnishment, unfiled back taxes, payroll tax. I think you get the point.  Let’s  be honest when the IRS sinks their claws into you it is hard to get them released.

With AMERICAPITAL Tax Consultants, LLC you can help consumers out of their disabling tax debt.

Our tax attorneys will analyze your clients tax problem from every conceivable angle, ensuring that you are informed of every option, solution and risk of your tax problem. Whether we negotiate an Offer in Compromise, release your garnishment, subordinate your tax lien, plan your bankruptcy, or save your business from payroll tax problems, our tax attorneys will take advantage of the latest tax law changes to achieve maximum relief in the shortest possible time. Unlike many of our competitors, we do not have a prepackaged solution for your tax problem before you even walk through our doors. We offer our specialized experience as attorneys and counselors at law in resolving tax problems, and you may find that this type of assistance is not available from a local tax professional or those national tax relief advertisers with cookie cutter solutions.

Affiliate Program Options

Referral Program: You can refer customers to our tax settlement affiliate division where everything will be handled by Americapital Tax Consultants, LLC from start to finish. For details on referral fees, please contact us today.Net Branch Business opportunity Program: Net branch affiliates will be responsible for helping the customers with any questions and guiding the customer through the enrollment process. After the client has been enrolled, Americapital Tax Consultants, LLC is responsible for any and all needs the client might have. For details on fee splits, please contact us today.


This is one item that really sets us apart from the rest of the industry. We believe it is our job to give you the tools necessary to be successful. Initially, we will schedule a meeting online where our affiliate department will train you on the software and answer any questions you have.

Customer Service

Americapital Tax Consultants, LLC Customer Service Department is the best in the industry. Our customer service department has the knowledge to answer any questions that our customers might have. All calls are answered in a reasonable amount of time during business hours.  Clients that you have signed up will not be calling you because we provide them with the service they deserve. Americapital Tax Consultants, LLC has a comprehensive customer service plan providing online account access and constant access to personalized tax settlement specialists. Every client receives an introductory welcome call and a follow up call is made every thirty days throughout the program.Credentials:

All of our negotiators are Certified Tax Specialists. We use Global Client Solutions for all debits.