What is a Debt Settlement Affiliate Program?

In today’s tough economic climate, there are only a small group of business sectors that are viable and growing. The field of debt settlement is certainly one such sector. Debt settlement involves helping debt-burdened people get out of the financial mess they are in which in turn makes the exercise very gratifying. It is no secret that since the beginning of the credit crunch fewer borrowers are qualifying for home loans due to late payments on their mortgages, lack of income, high debt-to-income ratios, and high loan-to-value percentages. By Utilizing debt settlement, borrowers will have less monthly payments to make which makes their lives more manageable.

By partnering with the right company, you can turn this into a great business opportunity which can be both profitable and gratifying. At Americap DC , we will provide you with all of what you need to succeed. All you have to bring to the table is enthusiasm and competence.

If you are currently in the mortgage business, you can diversify by getting into debt settlement. Make sure you apply here to have one of our representatives contact you to discuss our debt settlement affiliate program.

Our Debt Settlement Affiliate Program will help clients that otherwise couldn’t be helped, you’ll open up a profitable new revenue stream, and it’s a simple process:


Most of the loan officers across the country are struggling, while our Debt Settlement Affiliates are making more money than before.

The key to succeed is to diversify your business and get additional revenue streams. Brokers must offer a wide range of programs to generate multiple profitable revenue streams. Our Debt Settlement Affiliate Program accomplishes this.

What is Debt Settlement? 

Debt settlement is the most efficient and least costly way to get debt relief without filing for bankruptcy. Debt Settlement is not a credit counseling service, debt consolidation program, or a loan. Our debt arbitrators negotiate directly with creditors to eliminate high interest rates and reduce the principle balance. Our debt specialists help our clients choose a budgeting strategy and manageable payment plan that will result in freedom from debt much faster than they could have done otherwise.

Example: If someone has 30k in CC debts (avg.), they pay around $800 per month just for their minimum payment, which at that pace would take them 30 years to clear.  After hiring us to settle their debts they might pay around $483 for 36 months and be entirely free from the debts forever!

Without us =  30 years at $800 per month
With us     =     3 years at $483 per month


Our starting affiliate commission is 7.5% (42% of the enrollment fees) of their client’s total debt and  there are no quotas needed to keep this percentage  With consistent volume an affiliate can receive as high as 10% of their client’s total debt (55% of the enrollment fees).Average client debt = $30,000

Minimum commission on 30k debt (7.5%)    =  $2,250
Maximum commission on 30k debt (10%) =  $3,000Annual Breakdown:

1 client per week at 7.5%       =       $117,000 in future commissions earned
2 clients per week at 9 % =      $280,000 in future commissions earned
3 clients per week at 10% =      $468,000 in future commissions earned

*These percentages can change for a particular client if you apply a discount

Our debt settlement affiliates usually fall into one of the following categories: 

Independent Agent

If you would like to offer our services independently, part time or full, we can help to put you on the right path. Americap DC offers a debt settlement program and training for individuals looking to start a debt settlement company.  Using our tried and true marketing approaches you will be able to build a healthy ongoing revenue stream.  Any part-timer can find a few deals each month (which is enough to approach six figure annual income), but by applying the proper marketing strategies our affiliates can easily submit several deals per week without a significant marketing budget.  Click on the “debt settlement” button to see a commission breakdown. Make sure you apply here to have one of our representatives contact you to discuss our debt settlement affiliate program.
Mortgage/Real Estate Office

Many mortgage and real estate offices are adding new services to make up for the lack of available customers for their existing services.  We give you the flexibility to design a program that will work for you, your agents, and your clients.  We can pay you and then you can distribute commissions; or we can pay your agents directly and pay you an override based on the “split” that you desire. Make sure you apply here to have one of our representatives contact you to discuss our debt settlement affiliate program.

Sales Team

If you have experience running sales teams and you’re looking for the perfect products to sell, look no further.  Our nation’s consumer debt and mortgage default problems aren’t about to improve anytime soon.  Take advantage of the times and offer products that can help people get back on track.  We can help you by providing: pitches, scripts, recruiting ads, and compensation structures that work!  And as always, we will train your staff as it grows in number. Make sure you apply here to have one of our representatives contact you to discuss our debt settlement affiliate program.

Existing debt settlement office

If you are already offering debt settlement services and you aren’t happy with your existing processing company, give us a try!  There are no startup fees, monthly fees, quotas or exclusivity contracts to sign, so you’re more than welcome to “try us out.”  We strongly believe that our superior programs and support will give you the advantages you’re lacking with other processors.  Make sure you apply here to have one of our representatives contact you to discuss our debt settlement affiliate program.

Web Affiliate Program:

How Web Affiliate works:
1. Post links pointing to www.americapdc.com on your site.
2. Visitors from your site enroll to our services.
3. We pay you commission for each sale.

What is most important is that this is a simple, proven and turnkey process. After you sign up and are approved in the Americap DC affiliate program, you will be up and running in no time.

Join Now! We can’t wait to have you on our winning team!