Why choose the Americap Affiliate Program?

At Americap , our focus is on providing the very best customer service and settlement experience for your customers. Your customers are treated the same way as you would treat them, and we intend to work for them as we work for you, with attention to detail, promptness, competence, and integrity.

Our Debt Settlement Affiliate Program will help clients that otherwise couldn’t be helped,and in the process you’ll open up a profitable new revenue stream it’s a simple process:


Most of the loan officers across the country are struggling, while our  Debt Settlement Affiliates are making more money than before.

The key to succeed is to diversify your business and get additional revenue streams. Brokers must offer a wide range of programs to generate multiple profitable revenue streams. Our Debt Settlement Affiliate Program accomplishes this.

From helping to set up an office, to training your sales team, we partner you in every step you take. We go the extra mile to build and maintain a long-term relationship with our Debt Settlement Affiliates.

10 Reasons why we stand out

  1. We provide complete collection call harassment protection to our clients.
  2. Attorneys-backed company that has professional & experienced debt negotiators on staff.
  3. We take least debt amount ($5000) in the market.
  4. We take all types of Unsecured and non- govt. debt.
  5. You really don’t need to generate agreements or spend half an hour entering customer information into word files. Just enter client’s information into the CRM and click send. An agreement would be sent to the client. That’s it.
  6. Highest Commission to our Debt Settlement Affiliates.
  7. 2 weeks training by a certified trainer, using best in the industry training material. Online training is available for experienced Debt Settlement Affiliates.
  8. 1 Service delivery manager assigned to you for sustainable support.
  9. Weekly Sales opportunity audits by our staff.
  10. Weekly reviews to find areas of improvement.

Americap  has a deep understanding of the marketplace and a long standing relationship with major creditors and collection agencies. These relationships have enabled us to work on a personal level and in volume to ensure that our commitments to you and your customers are met.


Americap  works behind the scenes, as part of your team; therefore, your customer experiences one seamless process. All correspondence and customer interactions are custom branded to your company identity.


This is one item that really sets us apart from the rest of the industry. We believe it is our job to give you the tools necessary to be successful. Once you become an affiliate, we will send you an affiliate package with a sales training manual. Then, we will schedule a meeting online where we will train you on the software and answer any questions you have.

Program Underwriting

When a file is submitted, our team will place a welcome call to the customer within 24 Hrs and will continue to communicate and educate them regarding the settlement process. Also, a welcome packet, is sent out to the customer explaining the program in detail.

This excellent customer service ensures that your client is put on the proper track to successful completion of the program.

Customer Service

Each member of our call center staff is a seasoned professional capable of handling any customer interaction. All customer correspondence is handled and documented in the customer’s file and can be accessed by you 24 hours a day. Our customer service department is the best in the industry. All calls are answered in a reasonable amount of time during business hours.  Clients that you have signed up will not be calling you because we provide them with the service they deserve. We provide online account access and constant access to personalized debt settlement specialists. Every client is given an introductory welcome call and a follow up call is made every thirty days throughout the program to check on the client.


If a company cannot successfully obtain settlements that meet customer budgets and expectations, nothing else matters. Our staff is one of the most experienced in the business led by a group of experienced negotiators.

CUSTOM PROGRAMS: We offer Debt Settlement Programs from 6-48 months, allowing you to custom tailor a program to fit your client’s needs.


Americap DC provides you with the tools you need to manage your customers Reports, data downloads, and access to your customer’s accounts are available 24 hours a day via our advanced technology platform.

 Look, we realize that we are not the only company in town, but we do offer more than the rest! So grab your phone and give us a ring! An account executive is standing by to take your call and answer your questions, so that you can get your business up, running, and turning a profit immediately.

Call us directly at (855) 775-3328 and ask to speak with an Account Executive or fill out our Debt Settlement Broker Application. Approvals typically take 24 to 48 hours. Once you’re approved you may start doing business immediately.