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In today’s tough economic climate, there are only a small group of business sectors that are viable and growing. Read More

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Tax settlement has quickly ramped up to become one of the biggest untapped market in any industry. Read More

Why Us

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Why this Industry?

While the nation’s struggling economy and credit crisis has had a crippling impact on most industries, the debt settlement industry is thriving because of it. As millions of people enter the recovery phase, debt settlement becomes their most viable option. Timing is everything and it’s clearly on this industry’s side!

As a Debt Settlement Net Branch affiliate, you will be providing a service for which there is a genuine need. Many Americans are deeply in debt, and they need the debt relief that a negotiated settlement provides.

With extremely lucrative commissions and unlimited income potential, today’s sales expert will find it difficult to find a better service to sell.

Net branch affiliates receive a payment for each month that a person they enroll stays in the debt settlement program.


Our program is designed to take the servicing completely out of your hands.  You only need to concentrate on sales and marketing.

Adding debt settlement services is complementary to many enterprises. Mortgage brokers, CPAs, attorneys, credit repair services, loan officers, and financial advisors have all been very successful Debt Settlement Net Branch operators.

The time and the money required to become a full-fledged debt settlement net branch affiliate is minimal. Even business people with strong backgrounds in collections and debt negotiation can be very successful.

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